Float Lab

We spend the majority of our daily energy fighting the effects of gravity.
float.lab creates a near zero gravity environment.

Also referred to as a ‘Sensory Deprivation Therapy’, floatation therapy helps reduce stress as it removed external stimuli, allowing your central nervous system to become completely relaxed.

Floatation Therapy is a powerful treatment that allows your mind and body to reach a truly relaxed state.

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What to expect during your treatment

As you immerse yourself in the Float Pod filled with body temperature water and Epsom-salt, all outside distractions will be eliminated, allowing your body to float without sight, sound, physical touch and the pull of gravity. Your ability to know where your body ends and the water begins will diminish, leaving you with the sensation of floating in space. With external stimuli now eliminated, you have the ability to focus attention to internal stimuli.

We use: Dreampod VMAX (one of the largest Float Pods available)

Floatation Therapy involves laying in a Float Tank filled with water matched to your body temperature and an epsom-salt water solution. Due to the density of the water your body effortlessly floats giving you the sensation of being freed from gravity.

During this experience expect the ability to perceive your physical body and surroundings to dissolve into the surrounding water as stress and discomfort alleviates and your mind is relieved from external stimulation.

Flotation Therapy benefits include:

  • Assists in Pain Management

Due to the alleviation of forces generated by gravity, your body is relieved of stress and pressures that are present in the body. Research has indicated that Floatation Therapy can be linked to the relief of arthritis, back pain, neck pain, inflammation, tendinitis amongst others.

  • Improves Mental State

In our fast-paced society, finding moments of sanctuary can be difficult. Floating participants have found that this treatment is a great way to boost mental clarity. The absence of external stimuli extends you the opportunity to clear your mind of clutter.

  • Relieves Tension and Stress

Due to the deep sense of relaxation created by floating, it is the perfect antidote for stress and anxiety.

  • Increases Magnesium Absorption

Magnesium is absorbed by the body and facilitates in flushing out lactic acid from fatigued muscles. Athletes enjoy floating as it allows for faster recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many participants who have reported having troubles with claustrophobia have had no problems with their floating experience. Within the float, you are in control of the experience and your environment. The door can be opened and closed whenever you like!

We will provide everything you need for your floatation therapy (towels, earplugs, body wash/shampoo, hair dryers). Feel free to bring along any other personal items.

Most clients opt to wear nothing within the float to eliminate any possible distraction that fabric may cause. You are able to wear a swimsuit if you would prefer.

It is recommended that you eat a light meal 90 minutes before your appointment. This will prevent stomach rumbles during the float.

We recommend avoiding coffee for at least 4 hours prior to your appointment.

Shaving or waxing is not recommended directly before your appointment to prevent skin irritation from the salt water.

Unlike having a long bath, your skin will not wrinkle during your float due to the Epsom salts.

Absolutely not! Even if you fall asleep within the float (which is very common) you will remain afloat on top of the water.

You sure can. Floating is popular for pregnant women as the buoyancy relieves the weight of the baby from the mother’s body.

For any concerns, consult your doctor prior to your appointment.

If menstruating, please take the same precautions you would if swimming in a pool.

Not to worry! The floats are completely sanitary. The filtration cycle that occurs at the conclusion of every float, along with the level of bacterial killing salt ensures that the pod is sterile.