Performance Lab

From fat loss, to muscle gain, reaching your physical goals can be difficult without the correct knowledge.

Although the gym is a great place to start, effective programming requires extensive knowledge on the complexities of the human body. That is where we come in!

Grey Labs Performance Lab | GreyLabs health and wellness Sydney

What to expect during your treatment

During your Grey Performance Plan consultation, your coach will run through simple questions about your current training, goals, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress and mindset.

We like to refer to these pillars of health as ‘lifestyle protocols’ as they have a profound effect on your training. The overall objective of this consultation is to learn everything needed to know about you, to provide you with the necessary tools to reach your goals.

Performance Plan benefits include:

  • A deeper understanding towards your physical / sporting / training goals

The first step to creating an optimal training plan is understanding the desired outcome!


  • Guide on implementing optimal nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress and mindset
    management tools

Understanding how these factors can influence your training and overall lifestyle is a crucial component to reach your goals.


  • Physical Assessment / Bio Impedance Analysis

Through a bioelectrical Impedance test, your body composition will be analysed. Understanding your current measurements (body fat percentage, muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat etc) will provide a starting point to work from, as well as become an essential tool in your training journey to assess progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Come ready for a chat!

As this is only a sit-down consultation, please come in whatever clothing you feel comfortable in.

As we understand choosing a coach that is right for you is a tough job, our main objective is to get to know you and see how best we can help and support you.

We are confident in our abilities to transform people’s lives and appreciate the opportunity to see how we can do this for you too.